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Surf with Yoga or Yoga with Surf? Why the combo?

For you that just arrived here, wondering:

"Is this a good place for my Holiday?

Will my yoga practice match with their schedule?

Will I notice an improvement in my surf skills if I unificate all the activities they are proposing?"

Or more: "What privileges will I have after getting involved in surfing and yoga together, starting from ZERO (both)?"

To all the options and questions that may arise, let's go!

From experienced surfers, who never try yoga, and come to our dinner table with: "Humm I don't think I am flexible enough to, I would answer, thank you are not 👍 because that's why we are here.

But now the scenery changes, after a couple years in Maldives, the surfers (we are talking about them now), change the speech, which is amazing. They are more open but mainly: don't know how to start, and after, don´t know how to keep it the routine.

Yoga and surfing are great, either one of the best combinations.

Yoga as itself is a tool to transformation, we say, to get to the soul you have to go through the body. So to our sessions, I would say: just settle in with still. And that it's our practice, just BE.

It doesn't matter who you are today, your age, your surf or yoga level. We all strive for better mental, emotional and physical health.

So for our yoga sessions, we offer for your delight: early morning, gently wake up your body, resist, open up your chest. Activate your PRANA, your vital energy. A flow with ASANAS (postures) designed for surfers (and if you are not one, why not try too?) with tight hips and hamstring, pain in the neck, shoulders and lower back.

Or... after many hours in the water, a noon session (with a sunset please!), to align, alleviate pain and to lengthen out your spine.

The amazing and common of yoga and surf, it's both practice being so restorative, to have the reality of a present moment, either to find space in a yoga posture using your breath or for the surfers: being patiently reading the sets and focusing only on the "next wave".

Once there are no people dealing between guests inquiries and guests stay, we improve: customizing your experiences. Robin, the surf guide, will report the surf session to me. When possible, I will join the surf session, so we will know exactly what you will need, "what you were missing".

During your stay, we will build the best surf and yoga connected program: according to you and other guests' level, interests, weather conditions, meals, activities, schedule - all details intend to your enjoyment and performance.

To complete your booking, the all inclusive package will cover remarkable experiences, because you won't have to worry about anything but enjoying, surfing, yoga and relaxing.

The next post will gather a full description of why you should insert both practices in your routine asap (and all benefits earned), and some tips to get into the habit.

Please subscribe to our listing, we promise: only interesting and relevant content.

Sincerely yours,

Mariela - yoga instructor

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